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Blog entry by Abhishek Kumar

Citizenship Ammendment Act

Citizenship Ammendment Act

Citizenship Ammendment Act is going one of the most controversial work by the present BJP central government. Although the bill talks about giving the citizenship to the section of society which is treated as minority in our neighboring countries like
Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

However, the bill is taken not in a nice way by the people. One of the pool of though is against this bill as this will not only put more pressure upon the existing resources of the nation but also become a law and order problem for the nation itself
by giving citizenship to the people from minorities in neighboring countries. Few security experts are thinking that many Pakistanis and other anti national people will easily enter this country by proving themselves as minorities of the  present

Another pool of  thought is that the bill is not considering Rohingyas as minority and they are not getting any benefits of the Citizenship Bill. The reason government has given is that Rohingyas who belong from Myanmar enters India from the Bangladesh,
and in Bangladesh Muslims are not minorities. In this manner, they are not belonging to the minorities of the neighboring country. Hence, they have been removed from the list.

Yet another pool of thought is opposing the bill as the bill is discriminating the people based on their religion which is against the secular image of India as per the constitution of India. This is due to this reason USA has warned honorable Home Minister 
Mr.  Amit Saha, that USA can put sanction on him for discriminating based on lines of religion. Although he has given the sufficient justification for this as well.

Whatever may be the reason, it has caused widespread tension in the parts of West Bengal where Trains and passenger has been  attacked, Buses were set into fire, Railway station was burnt, trains were stopped and derailed.

It let me think of the fact why the bill was introduced in the first place. Many experts has said that it is done so that the Government can distract people's attention from the real topics like unemployment, inflation, rising poverty, lowering GDP growth
and others. Whatever may be the reason but the innocent people of this country are facing huge problems and politicians are trying to make the most of this opportunity by misguiding innocent people and creating sense of fear in the mind of the people
instead of doing their part of administration.
Some comments by responsible leaders of the country.

‘Attack on India’s soul’

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra; led a dharna at India Gate in the capital, condemning the Modi government for bringing the CAA and attacking innocent students of Jamia Millia. “An attack on students is an attack on the soul of India,”
she said.

Speaking at the Kolkata rally, Ms. Banerjee said, “As long as I am alive, I will never implement the citizenship law or NRC in the State.

In Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan stated the Centre had perverted the original CAA by introducing a communally polarising amendment that discriminated against Muslims.

Court said  “The only thing we want is that the violence must stop,” said a Bench headed by Chief Justice S A Bobde.

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