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Blog entry by Abhishek Kumar

Human Development Index 2019

Human Development Index 2019

Norway is at the top of all the 189 countries whereas India
is at 129th rank in the Human Development Index.

This year there was a jump of 1 rank improvement as concerned
for India in the global rank of HDI. However, a long way has to be covered as
the very same report has shown that the rise of the gender inequality.

The report also highlights that new forms of inequalities
will manifest in future through climate change and technological transformation
which have the potential to deepen existing social and economic fault lines.

Human development index was first made by  two economists, Amartya Sen and Mahbub ul

 Norway, Switzerland, Ireland occupied the top three
positions in that order. Germany is placed fourth along with Hong Kong, and
Australia secured the fifth rank on the global ranking.

  Among India's neighbours, Sri Lanka (71) and China (85) are
higher up the rank scale while Bhutan (134), Bangladesh (135), Myanmar (145),
Nepal (147), Pakistan (152) and Afghanistan (170) were ranked lower on the

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