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Blog entry by Abhishek Kumar

US asked for proportionate response to general’s killing, says Iran

Tehran was asked to respond “in proportion” after U.S. forces killed top Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani as said by the deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards.

Tehran is the capital of Iran, is now becoming the battleground of the US military and the Iranian forces after the killing of the military commander of the Iran.

Dramatic scenes in the Iraq. People have surrounded the US embassy in Baghdad, which is the capital city of Iraq. Supporters and members of the Iranian mobilization backed forces surrounded the US embassy compound. They demanded an end to American intervention
in the country. They threw rocks and set fires at the security personnel, who responded with tear gas. US deployed Marines to secure the compound. After this the protester leader told them to withdraw.

President Donald Trump blames Iran for the demonstration but Tehran is denying being involved at all. There is widespread anger over recent US airstrikes against the Hizbullah brigades in Syria and in Iraq. US says that they launched in retaliation to a rocket attack on Friday near Kirkuk which is a city in Iraq. This attack killed an American civilian contractor.

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