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Blog entry by Abhishek Kumar

2019: Year of Cease Fire violations by Pakistan

‘There have been 3,289 ceasefire violations by the Pakistan
Army along the Indo-Pak border in 2019’

There have been highest number of cease fire violation in
the last 16 years along the J&K borders in 2019. This record has been broken
with an instance of 3200 instances which has an average of 9 violations daily.

Shelling and firing from the Pakistani side have been heavy
in 2019 which made the 2003 India-Pakistan border truce as redundant.

There were 1565 violations incidents that took place since August
2019 after the government of India abrogated article 370 and bifurcated the
state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories.

October was the largest number of ceasefire incident in the
whole year.

If we compare it with last year, it was amounting as 2936
incidents in 2018 which was an average of 8 incidents. In these ceasefire violations
61 people were killed and 250 were injured. The Pakistanis soldiers continue to
vow to maintain peace and tranquility at the border in the flag meetings with Indian
forces. However, they keep on breaking their commitments at the present rate of
9 per day.

As per the officials, frequent shelling and firing incidents
has made the borders fear gripped and provoked thousands of people to migrate
to safer places. Migration of people with fear in their minds not only brings instability
in their mind but also affects the education and farm activities.

To protect border residents in view of increasing ceasefire
violations in Jammu and Kashmir, the central government sanctioned Rs 415 crore
for the construction of over 14,400 underground bunkers along the LoC and the
IB and made efforts to speed up the work last year.

Over 8,600 bunkers have been constructed so far in Jammu
region, they said.

Giving details of cases of ceasefire violations in the past
decade, the officials said 405 cases of ceasefire violations were reported in
2015, and 583 in 2014.

The Indian government led by late Prime Minister Atal Bihari
Vajpayee entered into a border ceasefire agreement with Pakistan along the LoC
in Jammu and Kashmir on November 26, 2003.

India shares a 3,323-km-long border with Pakistan, of which
221 km of the International Border (IB) and 740 km of the Line of Control (LoC)
fall in Jammu and Kashmir.

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