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by Md Mutahhir Azam -
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Light Reflection and Refraction

How to find the graph of variation of v (image distance) with u (object distance) where symbols have their usual meanings ?

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by Abhishek Kumar -
In order to draw the graph, first, we need to write down the equation of the Mirror Equation.
In the 1/v + 1/u = 1/f
Either if you are good in Graphs, then you can draw it using the calculus method and finding the asymptotes.
However, for physics, you can draw the graph by putting the values.
Like if we put u = ∞ and u = – ∞ and we get the value of v,
Then we put u = 0 and u = ± f and get the value of v 
In this way, we can draw the graph by simply value putting and we need not know a lot of mathematics.